Meet the Ke’kegs

These cold-blooded pranksters are known for their short tempers and surprising sense of humor.
Fun fact: They can completely camouflage into their surroundings! A convenient trick to avoid picking up the tab…

Meet the Bru’Barians

Don’t let the gruff appearance or incredible strength fool you.. They are very pleasant and gentle!
Though making eye contact before buying them a drink is an insult in their culture and may result in your limbs being removed in a fit of rage..

Meet the Indi’karrps

The Indi’karpps may look like a mess but in their eyes they’ve got it all figured out. Don’t worry about a confrontation, these creatures are more than likely the kindest species of the tavern. Although they’re not to be trifled with in a game of hacky sack..

Meet the Merlo’Cust

The Merlo’Custs come from a tiny planet in a distant corner of the galaxy, but be warned what they lack in size they make up it numbers…avoid offering the next round.


MINTED OUT IN 18 minutes


Most of the time the GT is located in a secret corner of the universe only a few wanderers know. But from time to time the GT will activate its teleporter drive and leave space to moor at a distant destination chosen by the alien community: First stop - Berlin!

First GT Event - beginning of September 2022 at POP on Kudamm in the Heart of Berlin.
All species are welcome for drinks, music and exhibition. Hodlers will have access to free drinks related to the drink their character is holding. (Beer, wine or long drink)


  • 22/06/22 Dropping 5055 GTAs at 19 UTC (500 are reserved for special events and giveaways)
  • 24/08/22 Live Minting of 50 reserved GTA at the Web3 Allstar Meet Up Berlin
  • 03/09/22 First GTA RL Event at POP Berlin on Kudamm with Free Drinks for hodlers related to their NFT (Beer, Wine, Long Drinks or Sparkling Wine)
  • Q4 - Second GTA RL Event in a City/County chosen by our Discord community
  • Q1/23 - Starting GTA Merchandise

Get ready for some surprises as we continue on our journey!


@RobertSchlunze is well renowned in the animation industry. He has worked as a 3D storyboard artist, Art Director and Director for years. And now as our “Galactic Artistoid”🔥

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